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Marcus Page Group Analysis

Marcus has long experience as a group analyst. Embarking on group therapy can be a difficult decision and may not suit everyone. The following information may be of use to those considering this option

Group analytic psychotherapy is a psychological treatment in which thoughts and feelings are discussed in a safe and entirely confidential setting.

Group members share the goal of seeking to understand themselves and their patterns of relating. The group provides the opportunity to see yourself through the eyes of others. The gradually developing trust assists with the sharing of feelings about the relationships in the group which often lead to discovery of unknown potential in oneself and personal growth.

The strictly observed boundaries of the group makes it a safe place for learning, and trying out, new and more rewarding ways of relating which results in more fulfilling relationships in the outside world.

Groups consist of a maximum of eight people of both sexes from varied backgrounds. The membership changes slowly over time. As with individual analytic psychotherapy, a group psychotherapy session has no fixed agenda and instead there is a free-floating discussion in which all participate.

Groups meet for an hour and a half once or twice weekly.

Marcus Page Consultancy email Marcus Page  Telephone: 07980 922125
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